July 16, 2020

A Guide to Window Exhaust Fans

If you are looking for an economical way to cool your home, window exhaust fans are a great little item. Check out some top rated ones here. They are easy to use and install right in the window of the room you want cooled the most. They move fresh air around and remove stale air from inside while bringing fresh in from outside. They circulate air so odors do not build up or that are removed from different areas of the house leaving a clean, fresh smell to the room.

Using a window exhaust fan is less expensive than using air conditioning. However, if you want to use both, use your air conditioning during the day and the fan in the evening. Do not use them at the same time as you defeat the purpose of both cooling systems. You do not want to remove the cool air from inside. This will make the exhaust fan work harder and it will actually increase your energy cost. So use one or the other, but not at the same time.

window exhaust fansWindow exhaust fans are best in northern areas where the weather is cool at night. The fan can pull in enough air within just a few minutes to cool the room to outside temperatures. This makes the room comfortable for an easy nights sleep and rest. Once the sun comes up and you are ready to leave the room, turn off your fan and save on energy cost.

Use more than one fan in your home for single room cooling. This way you are not trying to cool the whole house, but just the rooms that are in use at the time. They are great for keeping a working kitchen from becoming too warm that will make cooking a full meal easy during warm summer days. There are several sizes of window fans to choose from, as well as a complete price range that will fit to any budget.

The fan motors are all UL listed and each of the fan guards are OSHA approved for safety standards during use. They plug right into the wall and cords are available in various lengths, but the most common is the six foot cord.  Many of the fans come with various speeds and there are some made just for the bedroom with adjustable whisper speeds to continue cooling the room, but do it quietly so your sleep is not disturbed.

These types of fans are not for everyone. If you live in a high dust, high pollen area and fight allergies, you do not want this type of fan to pull in the elements that can cause health problems for you. Areas of high humidity are not right either. The fan can pull in more of the humid air and that will make the room even hotter or more uncomfortable for the owner.

These types of fans are best for areas in the northern sections and help to cool one room or many rooms at the same time. They will fit to just about any window of a standard size and you can place them right where you want them. Cool bedrooms in the evening for easy sleeping. Cool bathrooms to prevent moisture build up and mold, keep kitchens cool while preparing dinner and keep a cool living room while enjoying time with your family or guest.