September 25, 2020

Air King 20″ Whole-House Window Fan

airkingwholehouseThe Air King Whole House Fan (9166 20") continues the line of Air King fans known for their quality and durability. This whole-house fan fits windows measuring 27 to 38 inches by 26 ¼ inches. The 1600 RPMs of power are designed to expel stale indoor air and let in the fresh outdoor air. A conveniently located speed-selection knob allows you to choose from three speeds and two directions. This keeps air circulating in humid areas and removes heat from your attic, cooling your home without any need for air conditioning.


Measurements of the Air King 9166 20" Whole-House Window Fan are 27 x 12 x 27 inches. This product weighs 36 pounds. Packaged weight is 37 pounds.

The Air King 9166 20" Whole-House Window Fan includes:

  • 120-volt, 1/6 horsepower whole-house window fan
  • 1600 RPM power blasts up to 3560 CFM with a 64 dBA sound
  • Exhaust fan designed to expel indoor air and let in fresh outdoor air
  • Ideal for humid areas that may grow bacteria or mold in stale air
  • Also great for removing heat from upper floors of home, cooling without the use of air conditioning
  • 3 speeds, two directions
  • 1 phase
  • Permanently lubricated
  • Rotary switch is front-mounted
  • Plastic housing is impact resistant
  • Front grill and blades made from powder-coated steel
  • Integrated plastic extender panels can be easily adjusted to achieve a perfect fit
  • Storm Guard permits window to be closed behind fan without the unit needing to be uninstalled
  • Fits windows of sizes 27 to 38 inches by 26 ¼ inches
  • OSHA approved


  • Powerful fan
  • All metal construction makes fan durable and long-lasting
  • Speed select knob is conveniently located and easy to use


  • Noisy at full speed
  • Installation instructions lack full detail
  • Not easily mountable on a flat window sill
  • Inside-frame mount is difficult unless using with the widest compatible window frame


With the Air King 9166 20" Whole-House Window Fan, you receive a powerful window fan designed to remove stagnant air from hot or humid areas and provide an influx of fresh outdoor air into your home. Choose from three speeds and two directions using the selection knob and you can achieve up to 1600 RPM of power. The front grill and blades are made from powder-coated steel, providing durability and years of use. With impact resistant plastic housing, this fan can withstand wind and hail.

Install this fan in windows measuring 27 to 38 inches by 26 ¼ inches. Plastic extender panels are integrated and adjustable so you can receive the perfect fit in the window opening. Use the included Storm Guard to close the window behind the fan without needing to uninstall the unit. With 1/6 horsepower, your attic and home will remain cool without requiring you to turn on costly air conditioning, even during the hottest months. This fan is powerful, so read the instructions regarding adequately ventilating the home to prevent items from being sucked off the walls.