September 25, 2020

An Overview of Roof Mounted Exhaust Fans

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Colar Roof Exhaust Fan

The cost of everything seems to be rising and roof mounted exhaust fans are not excluded from this dilemma. Unfortunately, if you operate a certain kind of business, you do not have much choice about buying and installing these exhaust requirements. Whether you are making this purchase for a laundry, a kitchen or an industrial company (or even your home), you still need to keep costs down while you maintain quality in your appliances.


Exhaust fans are important in any facility that produces goods or generates heat in any process. The term may bring to mind heavy machinery and molten metal. However, it does not take much of an operation to necessitate roof mounted exhaust fans to keep your workspace cool and safe. Even a store setting may want to use these fans to keep the floor as comfortable as possible for customers. A public bathroom is another good setting for exhaust fans.


There are many different exhaust fans because the need of each business may vary. Centrifugal fans and turbine fans will draw the heat out of the spaces below and eject it safely into the outside air. Radial fans and nylon glass fans are also available. You can get these in the same metallic colors that you are used to seeing on the roves of buildings but you can also get them in vibrant colors. Many fans are designed as energy savers. Since noise pollution is also an issue, some fans are coming out with special noise-reduction features.


You can either have your installation performed in house or have professionals from the outside come in to do it. If you are having old roof mounted fans replaced then this is an easy matter. First-time installation is more complicated. Whoever puts them in will need access to building plans so that the fans do not interfere with any other appliances or duct work in the ceiling of the building.


Ceiling fans are not that expensive. You can usually buy individual units for as little as $10. Some models will cost as much as $50. However, you can always bring this price down when you buy in bulk.

When you go to buy roof mounted exhaust fans for your business, remember to have an experienced installer compare your building to the types of fans offered. Your own preferences, especially environmental concerns, will also play a role in the choice. If you can find the fans that suit your business, your style and your pocketbook, then you should be happy with the results.