September 25, 2020

Do window fans do a good job cooling down a room?

Ashley A. asked: Do window fans do a good job cooling down a room? We answered: If you’re looking for an inexpensive and eco-friendly product for cooling down a room, you should certainly consider window fans, specifically twin window fans. These are an excellent option to have when you are looking to address your home […]

An Overview of Roof Mounted Exhaust Fans

The cost of everything seems to be rising and roof mounted exhaust fans are not excluded from this dilemma. Unfortunately, if you operate a certain kind of business, you do not have much choice about buying and installing these exhaust requirements. Whether you are making this purchase for a laundry, a kitchen or an industrial […]

The Coleman Cool Zephyr Window Fan for Tents

For the avid outdoors person, camping is usually a summer staple. And while camping and enjoying nature is a wonderful experience, sometimes the heat can be a little unpleasant. If you go camping in the summertime, you may want to consider the benefits of a tent fan. Tent fans attach to the tent window and […]

Battery Operated Desk Fan

If you live in an area where summers are very hot or if you spend all day at a desk, a battery operated desk fan may be something you should consider purchasing. The benefit of a battery powered fan is that you can take it wherever you need it – to your office at work, […]

Choosing a Bathroom Extractor Fan

For most people, an extractor fan is a must-have for the bathroom. The fan helps prevent odor, keeps condensation from building up, and keeps mold and mildew at bay. Because it’s such an important part of the bathroom, you want to choose one that will work best for your situation. Here are some tips for […]

Honeywell Window Fan: Specifications, Features And Benefits

With approximately 122,000 employees worldwide, 19,000 of them scientists and engineers, Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that prides itself on creating products and services to help make the world a safer and more efficient place.  The company’s roots can be traced all the way back to 1885, and in their 127 years of successful […]

How To Choose Ventilation Fans For Bathrooms

You need ventilation fans for your bathroom, and for bathrooms without windows they are virtually essential. The reason for installing a fan is not just for expelling unpleasant odors, though this is important. The primary reason why a fan is required is to extract the moisture that constantly builds up in the room. This helps […]

Types Of Extractor Fans Industrial To Improve Factory Air Quality

If you work in a factory, chances are you come into contact with extractor fans industrial on a daily basis.  All factories have a need for an industrial or commercial style extractor fans.  These fans are designed to keep machinery that runs around the clock cool and they are also designed to extract the smoke […]

8 Quick Tips to Save Water in The Bathroom

Besides financial benefits, saving water is extremely important in terms of ecological interest. Our drinking water needs to be purified very sophisticated, and our water reserves are not as big as you might think. Every drop you use in your bathroom needs to be processed to make sure that we can use it again. Luckily, […]

Understanding SEER on Air Conditioner Ratings

While canvassing or searching for air conditioning units, you might have noticed how there are some sales pitch, ratings and reviews which mentions SEER (like here) alongside a numerical figure. SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating is a criteria used on air conditioning systems in order to indicate the efficiency of the product. Here […]