September 25, 2020

Battery Operated Desk Fan

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If you live in an area where summers are very hot or if you spend all day at a desk, a battery operated desk fan may be something you should consider purchasing. The benefit of a battery powered fan is that you can take it wherever you need it - to your office at work, on a camping trip, or to the playground. You can take it anywhere you need relief from the heat. If you are interested in a desk fan, consider the following models that consistently get positive reviews.

o2 cool desk fan

O2 Cool

O2 Cool 5” Portable Battery Operated Desk Fan

This fan has many features including two different speeds and a folding design that makes it fairly compact. It comes in two different colors and uses two D batteries. The fan can work for up to 72 hours with one set of batteries. Reviewers note that the fan works well and cools the air quietly. It’s a small fan that does its job. Best of all, the price is right - it’s an inexpensive desk fan that makes it affordable for most people.

O2 Cool 10” Fan

If you need a bigger fan that cools a larger room or area, this 10-inch fan is a great one. You can run it on batteries (it uses 8 D batteries) or an AC Adapter that is included. Even though it’s bigger than the 5” fan, it’s still compact enough that you can take it anywhere you need it. Reviewers give it high marks for cooling well and working quietly and efficiently.

Small Fan and Mini-Air Conditioner

small usb air conditioner

USB Air Conditioner

This fan is slightly different from the others for several reasons. First, it is very compact. You can hold it in your hand (in fact, it comes with a hand strap) or set it on your desk. It can also run on batteries or a USB connector that is included. The fan provides a strong breeze, and you also add water to it for an “air-conditioner” effect. Most users rave about it and how well it works. The only downside to this one is the cost - it’s slightly more expensive than your average desk fan.

If you’re looking for a battery powered desk fan, any of these three fans would be a good choice. Each fan works well to cool a small area such as an office and can help when summer heat gets unbearable.

Top Selling Battery Operated Desk Fans

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