September 25, 2020

Choosing a Bathroom Extractor Fan

broan ceiling fanFor most people, an extractor fan is a must-have for the bathroom. The fan helps prevent odor, keeps condensation from building up, and keeps mold and mildew at bay. Because it’s such an important part of the bathroom, you want to choose one that will work best for your situation. Here are some tips for choosing a bathroom extractor fan.


There are two main type of extractor fans - centrifugal and axial. The centrifugal fan is usually ceiling mounted and is a more powerful fan in general. They work well with long duct lengths. An axial fan can be wall or ceiling mounted, and usually have a short duct length.

Choosing the size

Size is also important when it comes to an extractor fan, as the size helps determine how powerful the fan is. In general, a 4 inch fan will work well in most bathrooms, but a 6 inch fan may be required if your bathroom is quite large or has no natural air flow. Most bathrooms without a shower will suffice with a fan that changes the air out 6 to 8 times per hour. But if you have a shower, you’ll want the air to cycle out around 15 to 20 times per hour to take care of the extra moisture. So keep those numbers in mind when choosing extractor fans.

Other considerations

You also need to think about the noise level that your fan will create. Centrifugal fans are usually noisier, but they are usually also and further away, so the noise is offset somewhat. Also keep in mind the way the fan looks. Aesthetics aren’t everything, and function is definitely more important than the look of the fan, but you do want something that will blend into your bathroom and not stand out or look ugly.

Price is also important, but not for the reason you may think. Don’t just choose a fan because of the price. You want a high-quality extractor fan that will do its job and not break within a year. Do some research and choose a fan you know will work well; don’t just pick what’s on sale today.

A bathroom extractor fan is a must for most bathrooms, especially those with little natural air circulation. Preventing mold, mildew is a high priority for the bathroom area. Keep in mind the above tips, and you can find a fan that will work with your bathroom.

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