September 25, 2020

Do window fans do a good job cooling down a room?

women fanning herself Ashley A. asked: Do window fans do a good job cooling down a room?

We answered:

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and eco-friendly product for cooling down a room, you should certainly consider window fans, specifically twin window fans. These are an excellent option to have when you are looking to address your home cooling needs in a cost-effective manner. Air Conditioner (AC) should not be viewed as the only option when it comes to bringing down the temperature inside your home. Over dependence on AC units will end up burning a hole in your pocket in the form of high electricity bills.

Use of HFC (hydrofluorocarbons) in residential air conditioners is a serious threat to the already depleting Ozone layer. An AC also releases more CO2 gases into the air vis--vis window exhaust fans. The damage that you will end up causing to the environment is another concern that you must not overlook. Some of the salient features of a twin window fan include:

  • Twin blades make up for a powerful combination that works well even in large areas.
  • In most of the fan models, the two blades can be controlled to work in intake and/or exhaust modes.
  • These fans provide for an ideal ventilation process. Stale air is thrown out of the targeted air while cool and fresh air finds its way inside using this fan.
  • Window fans help in circulating air across every corner of the room instead of accumulating it at one place.
  • Investing in twin window fans is a great idea for places with light to moderate temperature levels. These are also extensively used during night time when the weather is pleasant to a larger degree.
  • Can quite easily fit into many different sized window openings because of the expandable side panels.

Internet can be of great help in accessing popular brands of window fan. The best place to start to really get an idea of how well these window fans are at cooling down a room, is read reviews from actual owners. At a fairly inexpensive cost (compared to AC) you really can’t go wrong.