September 25, 2020

Lasko Air Director Window Fan, 14 inches

This patented Lasko Air Director Window Fan, 14 Inches, 2135 can be used in a window at least 18 inches high or on the floor. With the pivoting feature, the cool air is placed exactly where it is needed. Select from three quiet speeds for all your cooling needs. Or, manually reverse the fan for use as an exhaust air intake. Place this fully assembled fan in front of a window screen in a window opening that is at least 18 inches high. If you need to cool down the area close to the floor, use the fan as a floor model, providing relief to those who are seated in its path.

This fan comes fully assembled and is easy to install in a window. Simply place it in front of the window screen. You can even pivot it upward at an angle to better direct the flow of air. The sturdy plastic blades and casing can withstand years of use and still remain intact. To save money on your electric bills, use this portable, lightweight fan throughout your home and turn down the air conditioning.

The Lasko Air Director Window Fan, 14 Inches, 2135 measures 18 x 6 x 6 inches and weighs 9 pounds. Packaged weight is 11 pounds.Details

The Lasko Air Director Window Fan, 14 Inches, 2135 includes:

  • Pivoting fan for use in a window or on the floor
  • Five blades are adequately pitched
  • Manually reverse for exhaust air intake
  • 3 quiet speeds
  • Able to pivot upward at an angle
  • Fits in windows 18 inches high or higher
  • Place in front of window screen
  • Sturdy plastic blades and casing
  • Fully assembled
  • ETL/cETL listed


  • Fully assembled
  • Use in window or on floor
  • Pivots to deliver air where it is most needed
  • 3 speeds


  • Window must be at least 18 inches high
  • Not too much difference between speed settings
  • Can be noisy
  • White plastic construction gets dirty easily
  • Does not oscillate


The Lasko Air Director Window Fan, 14 Inches, 2135 is the original combination window and floor fan patented by Lasko. Standard window fans are sometimes unable to direct air to the proper location. The pivoting nature of this fan provides air to the places where it is most needed. Use this fan on the floor when cooling low-lying areas within the home or place it in window at least 18 inches in height. Select from three quiet speeds for your maximum comfort, then sit back and feel the cooling relief.

You can even manually reverse the fan, allowing it to intake air for exhaust purposes. This allows you to remove smoke or food odors throughout the home. Since the fan is compact, you will not have difficulty carrying it throughout your home. Adjust the pivot to deliver the cool air at precise angles and experience immediate relief. Allow this fan to do the work of your air conditioning, at a much cheaper cost.