September 25, 2020

Choosing a Quiet Window Fan

Many country kids have fond memories of sleeping in front of an open window during the summers when they were kids – the window fans blowing in cooler night air and allowing for a more comfortable sleep.   When the hot summer months come rolling in, everyone wants relief from the humid heat but not everyone can afford a high quality air conditioner.  This is especially true for those of us who grew up in farm houses in the country that were large, old, or drafty.  You just couldn’t afford the bills that would come with running the air conditioner 24/7. That’s why window fans were a must for comfortable night time sleeping.

quiet window fan

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While the quality and craftsmanship of window fans vary greatly from one model to another, there’s no denying that a quiet window fan is a much better option than an overly loud one.  One of the primary functions of a good window fan in most homes will be cooling upstairs bedrooms in the summer.  In many country homes, even if you do have an air conditioner you need to keep it down to one or two rooms that get cooled for both comfort and to keep bills within a reasonable range.  Obviously it’s much easier to sleep at night in the summer if it’s cool, and it’s much easier to get to sleep when you have a quiet window fan as opposed to a noisy model. There are a variety of different factors which could result in a window fan being either quiet or noisy.

One of the most efficient type of box fans are the old fashioned metal bladed ones this because they sliced the air more quickly, causing more of a breeze.  However one of the common drawbacks of these models is that losing just one screw on the protective grate can result in it shaking all the time and creating a lot of racket. Another common drawback is that since most companies do not produce metal blade fans anymore, finding replacement parts could be very difficult.

Most window fans are made out of plastic now, and it is not hard to see why.  The material is light, still gets the job done, and often they run quieter than the more old fashioned models.  When the repetitive sounds of a window fan are relatively quiet, this not only allows for kids to go to sleep easier, but the sound itself can becoming a soothing constant that even encourages better and more restful sleep.  A good quiet window fan not only makes for more comfortable summer nights over the years, but can easily become part of the nightly ritual.  Those of us who grew up in the country often have fond memories of that sound, the breeze coming over us, and the gentle rhythmic turn of a window fan.

When you’re looking for box fan reviews, make sure to look for reviews that specifically mention the sound level.  It should be obvious that quiet window fans are always the better option compared to noisier models, and often times this issue doesn’t affect the price level.

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