September 25, 2020

The Holmes 7 Twin Window Fan

[ReviewAZON asin="B00008XET9" display="inlinepost"]The Holmes 7 Twin Window Fan can be purchased at for a bit under $35. It has twin seven-inch blades and will help to cool a home and enhance air circulation. It can also be used as an exhaust fan for the kitchen or anywhere else in the house. It fits into any window that measures from 24 to 36 inches in width, the extender screen can be adjusted as needed, a bonus extender panel is included with the purchase, the van can be reversed manually, it has 2 speed settings and comes with a year long limited warranty from the manufacturer.

It must be said that while this particular model does have its flaws, it is very good value for the money and overall a good quality product. It is easy to install and adjust. It is also quite lightweight at only 6 lbs. (3 kg). It is stable and will cool down the room in a matter of minutes. It has good power output and will effectively rid a kitchen of smoke and smells; it is also a good buy for those who smoke at home but do not want the house to smell like cigarette smoke. It is durable and will last a long time without needing costly repair work or replacement.

However, the fan does have its cons. For one, it is quite noisy. While some people do not mind the noise much, a person who wants a quiet fan may find that this particular model is a disappointment in that regard. One should also be aware that while this particular fan is advertised as being reversible, it would not blow air in and out at the same time. One will have to take it out of the window and turn it around manually. While it is not very difficult to remove it from a window and put it back in reverse, this is a bit inconvenient and an additional hassle.

A person who wants to purchase a Holmes 7 Twin Window fan should weigh up the pros and cons carefully and make an informed choice. A lot depends on what the main purpose for purchasing such a fan is. It is ideal for some people but may not be ideal for everyone. Overall, however, it must be said that this particular Holmes window fan is good value for the money and well made.