September 25, 2020

A Window Fan Buyers Guide

While air conditioning is a modern convenience, it is costly and does not provide fresh air. A window fan will blow in fresh and cool air at a fraction of the cost of an air conditioning system. The popularity of window fans is increasing as consumers search for methods to reduce their monthly expenses. High utility costs are motivating consumers to discover more affordable methods of cooling their homes and window fans or units offer an affordable solution. It is ironic that millions of consumers spend hundreds of dollars each year on air freshener products such as scented oil plug-ins, candles and sprays.

If you live in an area where the summer months are brutally hot, you can use a combination of a window fan and your air conditioning system. When the mornings or evenings are cool, you can use your fan and in the afternoons when the temperature is at its highest, you can switch to your air conditioning. You will be amazed and grateful when you discover how much money this will save you on your cooling costs. This will also alleviate the stale odors and create a fresh breeze.

A wonderful addition to any home is a window exhaust fan, particularly in the kitchen. Removing cooking odors from the kitchen can take days. Placing a window exhaust fan in the kitchen will remove cooking odors while you are cooking. This allows you to pump out odors quickly. You can then switch the fan controls to pump in fresh air. This is far more effective than using conventional methods such as the exhaust system on your stove.

A home infused with a fresh breeze is far more inviting than a home infused with heavy perfumed fragrances or stale circulating air. While you have your windows open, you can use a unit to pump in the fresh air and circulate throughout the home. Once you try a window unit, you will wonder why you never used one before. The wonderful fresh and cool breeze you can create will amaze you.

You will find fans at any home improvement retailer or online. The new designs are sleek and attractive. You should measure your windows before shopping for a unit. The units come in a variety of sizes and you will easily find the perfect fit for your window. The best option is to purchase a fan with the dual function of pulling air out and pumping air in. This type of fan is ideal for kitchens.

For longer windows, you can use a twin window fan. Most of these fans contain a thermostat and will shut off automatically once the set point is reached. This is a wonderful unit to use in large rooms and these finds are amazingly quiet. For smaller windows, you will find numerous fans that will fit perfectly.

The prices of window fans depend on the features and size. Many fans come with an adjustable screen that will keep the fan secure and in place in the window. Most fans weigh less than nine pounds and can easily be removed when necessary. You will be surprised to find many window fans sell for under $50. Once you receive a reduced utility bill, you will realize how quickly you will recover the cost of the fan.

With measurements in hand, visit your local retailers and browse the many available models. Most of the units will be on display and you can turn them on to determine if the fan is quiet. You want to choose a unit you can easily install and remove at your convenience. You may wish to browse the many online retailers to view the numerous styles available to get an idea of the type of unit you would like for your home.