August 12, 2020

Choosing a Bathroom Extractor Fan

For most people, an extractor fan is a must-have for the bathroom. The fan helps prevent odor, keeps condensation from building up, and keeps mold and mildew at bay. Because it’s such an important part of the bathroom, you want to choose one that will work best for your situation. Here are some tips for […]

How To Choose Ventilation Fans For Bathrooms

You need ventilation fans for your bathroom, and for bathrooms without windows they are virtually essential. The reason for installing a fan is not just for expelling unpleasant odors, though this is important. The primary reason why a fan is required is to extract the moisture that constantly builds up in the room. This helps […]

Types Of Extractor Fans Industrial To Improve Factory Air Quality

If you work in a factory, chances are you come into contact with extractor fans industrial on a daily basis.  All factories have a need for an industrial or commercial style extractor fans.  These fans are designed to keep machinery that runs around the clock cool and they are also designed to extract the smoke […]

Shopping for Circulation Fans: Things to Consider

[ReviewAZON asin=”B002XK385Y” display=”inlinepost”] There are many different situations which can call for a circulation fan.  From home workshops to factory buildings, there are many times when a good circulation fan or series of circulation fans will be the best option for cooling a large area while keeping bills within reason.  No one’s going to argue […]

Choosing a Quiet Window Fan

Many country kids have fond memories of sleeping in front of an open window during the summers when they were kids – the window fans blowing in cooler night air and allowing for a more comfortable sleep.   When the hot summer months come rolling in, everyone wants relief from the humid heat but not everyone […]

Twin Window Fans

Window fans are built specifically for use in open windows. They are designed to fit into a multitude of opening sizes, so as well as the fan unit itself there is often a extendable side panel section which can be adjusted according to the particular needs of the window opening it is being placed into. […]

A Guide to Window Exhaust Fans

If you are looking for an economical way to cool your home, window exhaust fans are a great little item. Check out some top rated ones here. They are easy to use and install right in the window of the room you want cooled the most. They move fresh air around and remove stale air […]

A Window Fan Buyers Guide

While air conditioning is a modern convenience, it is costly and does not provide fresh air. A window fan will blow in fresh and cool air at a fraction of the cost of an air conditioning system. The popularity of window fans is increasing as consumers search for methods to reduce their monthly expenses. High […]